What Would Be Void If Provided in Early Termination Clause of Hire Purchase Agreement

7.12 Keep and maintain the Goods in repair and maintenance in good condition and usable at all times and replace any inappropriate or damaged missing part of the Goods and be solely responsible for the loss or destruction of the Goods or any part thereof, regardless of how, in what way, by whom or when such loss or destruction was caused or caused, including, but not limited to, normal wear and tear. and lawful forfeiture. 7.7 Not to use the Goods for teaching or training courses, towing, racing or speeding, speed tests, rallies or other forms of motorsport, competition events or off-road use or for illegal purposes of any kind or for purposes other than those set out in the instructions and/or instructions for the use of the Goods. 8.7 In agreement with the Factor, the Buyer has the right to prematurely and fully perform its contractual obligations by making the appropriate request to the Factor and paying the Factor the full amount of the non-repayable loan before the end of the prescribed period. If the Buyer does not submit the aforementioned Letter of Intent to the Postman, all amounts paid prematurely by the Buyer will be considered an advance payment. In the event of premature performance of the obligations arising from the contract, the Factor has the right to demand from the Buyer compensation for early repayment in accordance with the phrase(s) or basis of calculation contained in the Factor Price List. The agreement in this clause 23.2 is extended to include the receipt of information by the Renter about the transactions and/or other documents related to such transactions that the Owner has sent to the Renter via the email system. 1.14 Securities are assets that are encumbered in favour of the Seller and/or the Postman under the Warranty Agreement and/or a warranty and/or warranty granted by a third party to the Seller and/or a Factor under the Warranty Agreement. (a) any prior payment made under this Contract for hire purchase; If the law is applicable, the tenant`s liability for payment to the landlord is an amount at least equal to the amount that the landlord would have recovered from the tenant under the law if the landlord had repossessed the property with which the tenant returned the property in accordance with this clause, subject to the maximum amount, that may be recovered in accordance with subsection 14(6) of the Act. This Agreement may be performed in consideration, each of which is considered original, but which together constitute the same Agreement.

Consideration for this Agreement may be performed and delivered by fax or other electronic signature, including digital signature, by either party to this Agreement, and the receiving party may rely on receipt of such document, signed in this manner and delivered by fax or other digital or electronic means as if the original had been received. 6.1 Agreement and is not prohibited or restricted by law, agreement or in any way from entering into this Agreement or from using or exploiting the Goods. 6.3 All information and representations provided to the Owner under this Agreement, including information provided in the purchase lease financing request by the Renter and through MyInfo (or any replacement service thereof), is and will remain true, complete and accurate in all respects. 7.1 The Buyer is fully and unconditionally responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the Goods from the time of acceptance of the Goods until the expiry or termination of the Contract. Loss of possession, destruction, loss or damage to the goods or a similar event does not release the buyer from liability and performance of contractual obligations. 9.4 If, for any reason, the Owner is unable or unwilling to repossess the Goods after the termination of this Agreement, the Owner shall have the right, at its discretion, to claim from the Renter, upon request, the balance of the hire-purchase price of the Goods that would have been payable by the Renter in order to complete the purchase of the Goods, if this Agreement has not been terminated and all amounts due and/or due under this Agreement, including but not limited to interest, fees and costs and, where applicable, legal fees on a full indemnity basis and all applicable fees listed in Sections V and VIII of the Annex. The Renter is fully aware of and accepts the inherent risks associated with the transmission of the instructions given by the Renter to the Owner through an e-mail system via one of the above modes of communication. The Owner has the right to treat all instructions received through an email system as fully authorized and binding on the Tenant, and the Owner has the right (but not the obligation) to take action in connection with or rely on such instructions as the Owner deems appropriate in good faith, that these instructions contain instructions to pay money or otherwise.

debit or transfer an account or claim to bind the Tenant to any agreement or other agreement with the Landlord or any other person, or to bind the Tenant to any type of transaction or agreement, regardless of the nature of the transaction or agreement or the amount of money, and notwithstanding any evidence that is subsequently proven, that the tenant did not authorize it. 24.2 Any legal proceedings or documents served in accordance with the foregoing clause shall be accepted by the Renter as a good and valid service for the Renter: (q) the term “Purchase Price” means the purchase price of the Goods, including GST; 6.13 There is no lien and the Lessee may not create a lien on the Goods for any purpose and has no authority or is deemed to have the right to pledge the Owner`s credit for the repair or replacement of the Goods or any part thereof. 3.2 With the Goods, the Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with all documents attached to the Goods, the Manual for the Use of the Goods (in Estonian) and other accessories and, if necessary, to inform the Buyer of the appropriate use of the Goods. If a warranty is provided for the Goods, Seller shall, together with the Goods, provide the Buyer with the warranty documents attached to the Goods (including warranty conditions). 7.3 Retain all permits, licenses, permits and/or permits necessary for the use, operation and/or storage of the Goods in accordance with applicable law. The Renter may not allow any person other than qualified, authorized and qualified persons to operate or use the Goods. The Renter may not use the Goods or allow the Goods to be used contrary to any written law, rule, regulation or ordinance or for any unlawful purpose or in any manner whatsoever, so that the Goods may become liable for seizure or forfeiture or the insurance policy acquired in respect of the Goods may become invalid or objectionable, and if the goods are motor vehicles, the lessee may not do so during the continuation of the goods. This Agreement uses the Goods or causes or permits another person to use the Goods, unless there is an insurance policy with respect to such User with respect to third party risks that meets the requirements of any currently applicable written laws, rules or regulations. (g) No change in the Constitution of the Tenant or the Owner shall affect the liability and/or obligations of the Renter or the liability and/or obligations of his successors under this Agreement or affect the validity or performance of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall be binding on the Renter, notwithstanding any subsequent amendment to the Constitution of the Tenant or the Owner; whether by merger, reconstruction, conversion into a limited liability company or otherwise, and in the event of such merger, reconstruction, transformation or modification as described above, this Agreement shall operate as if it had originally been given by such new or merged or reconstructed company or company, and as if the liability of such company or thereafter existed at the time of publication of this company or thereafter. The agreement would have begun. .

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